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Cricket Duniya is a platform that gives you all the information in the world of cricket together. But you may be thinking that all the information in the world of cricket is giving you more platforms so what is the specialty in the Cricket Duniya? So Friends Cricket Duniya Provides you all the information in Hindi language, which you can read and understand easily. The Cricket Duniya provides you many information such as Cricket Board, International Cricketers, Domestic Cricketers, ICC Tournaments, ICC Ranking, History of Team, Team Sponsors, Stadiums, ICC Championships and much more.

ICC Championships

  • ICC official championships and information about its fixtures will be given to you by the Cricket Duniya.

International Stadiums

The Cricket Duniya will also give you information about all the small & Big stadiums in the world.

World Records

Also know about the unique and unbelievable records of Cricket.

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